3 2015

Andrzej Jędruchniewicz, Monetary Policy and Investments in the Polish Economy [PDF]

Sławomir Czech, The Political Economy of Staying Outside the Eurozone: Poland and Sweden Compared [PDF]

Tomasz Rosiak, Fiscal Capacity for Euro Area – Towards a Bigger EU Budget? [PDF]

Anna Fornalska–Skurczyńska, How to Effectively Support Export Activity [PDF]

Katarzyna Cheba, The Influence of Clusters on Economic Development. A Comparative Analysis of Cluster Policy in the European Union and Japan [PDF]

Joanna Bednarz, Magdalena Markiewicz, From Confrontation to Cooperation – Institutional Support in Building Cooperation of Polish enterprises [PDF]

Olaf Flak, Grzegorz Głód, Features of Polish Companies. Results of the Company Competitiveness Barometer 2014 [PDF]

Waldemar Gajda, The Use of the Delphi Method as a Tools Determining Management of Contemporary Economic Organizations [PDF]

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