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Błażej Łyszczarz, Public-private Mix and Performance of Health Care Systems in CEE and CIS Countries [PDF]

Dorota Kawiorska, Healthcare in the Light of the Concept of Welfare State Regimes – Comparative Analysis of EU Member States [PDF]

Paulina Szyja, The Role of the State in Creating Green Economy [PDF]

Joanna Czaplak, Analysis of the Effectiveness of Public Services Provision by Local Governments in the Years 2007-2013 [PDF]

Adam A. Ambroziak, Income Tax Exemption as a Regional State Aid in Special Economic Zones and Its Impact upon Development of Polish Districts [PDF]

Agnieszka Małkowska, Michał Głuszak, Pro-investment Local Policies in the Area of Real Estate Economics – Similarities and Differences in the Strategies Used by Communes [PDF]

Wiesława Lizińska, Renata Marks-Bielska, Karolina Babuchowska, Magdalena Wojarska, Institutional Efficiency of Local Government in Issuing Administrative Decisions, Exemplified by the Performance of the Local Government Appeal Board in Olsztyn [PDF]

Andrzej Kowalczuk, The Analysis of the Competitiveness of the Biggest Enterprises in the Construction Industry In Podlaskie Region Compared to the Sector, Based on Nagashima's Radar [PDF]

Aneta Michalak, The Cost of Capital in the Effectiveness Assessment of Financial Management in a Company [PDF]

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