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Ingrid Majerová, The Impact of Some Variables on the VAT Gap in the Member States of the European Union [PDF]

Sławomir Miklaszewicz, Sovereign Debt Crisis of the Eurozone Countries [PDF]

Anna Murawska, Differences in Unemployment Among Persons in a Special Situation on the Labour Market Based on the Example of Polish Provinces [PDF]

Barbara Kryk, Accomplishment of the European Union Lifelong Learning Objectives in Poland [PDF]

Mieczysław Adamowicz, Aldona Machla, Small and Medium Enterprises and the Support Policy of Local Government [PDF]

Magdalena Zajączkowska, Prospects for the Development of Prosumer Energy in Poland [PDF]

Elżbieta Pohulak-Żołędowska, Innovation in Contemporary Economies [PDF]

Anna Piekarczyk, Contemporary Organization and a Perspective on Integration and Development [PDF]

Sylwia Bożek, Izabela Emerling, Protecting the Organization Against Risk and the Role of Financial Audit on the Example of the Internal Audit [PDF]

Sławomir Czetwertyński, Peer Production in the Internet and Unauthorized Copying of an Intellectual Property in the BitTorrent Network [PDF]

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