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Mohammed Shuaibu, Popoola Timothy Oladayo, Determinants of Human Capital Development in Africa: A Panel Data Analysis [PDF]

Eva Lajtkepová, Differences and Similarities in the Indebtedness of EU Member States After Last Financial Crisis [PDF]

Katarzyna Glinka, Adaptations within the Financial Market in China after Global Financial Crisis [PDF]

Murat Akbalik, K. Batu Tunay, An Analysis of Ramadan Effect by GJR-GARCH Method: Case of Borsa Istanbul (BIST) [PDF]

Jan Kultys, Controversies About Agency Theory as Theoretical Basis for Corporate Governance [PDF]

Katarzyna Budzyńska, Offshoring Sector in Poland [PDF]

Katarzyna Kowalska, Network Organizations and Corporate Social Responsibility [PDF]

Anna Witek-Crabb, Maturity of Strategic Management in Organizations [PDF]

Małgorzata Rutkowska-Podołowska, Nina Szczygieł, Grzegorz Podołowski, Vinotherapy as an Innovation – Impact on Health Attitudes [PDF]

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