2017 8 1

Anna Ząbkowicz, Economics and groups: methodological individualism and collective action [PDF]

Martin Pernica, Evaluation of the adequacy of government minimum wage valorization policy in the Czech Republic in 2017 in the European context [PDF]

Arkadiusz Borowiec, The impact of public procurement system on the development of competition in the economy in the light of empirical research [PDF]

Mário Papík, Composition of equity and mixed pension funds in Slovakia [PDF]

Katarzyna Kubiszewska, Banking concentration in the Baltic and Western Balkan states – selected issues [PDF]

Igor Pustylnick, Comparison of liquidity based and financial performance based indicators in financial analysis [PDF]

Katarina Janoskova, Anna Krizanova, Comparison of selected internationally recognized brand valuation methods [PDF]

Dominika Vlacseková, Ladislav Mura, Effect of motivational tools on employee satisfaction in small and medium enterprises [PDF]

Izabela Jonek-Kowalska, Coal mining in Central-East Europe in perspective of industrial risk [PDF]

Katarina Zvarikova, Erika Spuchlakova, Gabriela Sopkova, International comparison of the relevant variables in the chosen bankruptcy models used in the risk management [PDF]

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