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Katarzyna Cheba, Katarzyna Szopik-Depczyńska, Multidimensional comparative analysis of the competitive capacity of the European Union countries and geographical regions [PDF]

Aleksandra Zygmunt, Innovation activities of Polish firms. Multivariate analysis of the moderate innovator countries [PDF]

Alicja Sekuła, Does system of local government subsidisation fulfil revenue equalisation function? Evidence from Poland [PDF]

Gabriela Koľveková, Daniela Palaščáková, Analysis of Bratislava and Žilina as urban areas in Western Slovakia in the context of associations among employment and industries [PDF]

Urszula Kobylińska, Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska, Joanna Samul, Young people on the labour market in Poland — the point of view of the employer [PDF]

Elżbieta Robak, Expectations of generation Y connected with shaping the work-life balance. The case of Poland [PDF]

Jana Marie Šafránková, Martin Šikýř, Work expectations and potential employability of millennials and post-millennials on the Czech labor market [PDF]

Grzegorz Głód, Olaf Flak, Factors of competitiveness in Polish companies in the Silesian Region in 2014–2016 [PDF]

Renata Legenzova, Kristina Levišauskaitė, Egidijus Kundelis, Estimating an impact of base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) countermeasures — a case of business group [PDF]

Dominik Zimon, The influence of quality management systems for improvement of logistics supply in Poland [PDF]

Lina Pilelienė, Viktorija Grigaliūnaitė, Colour temperature in advertising and its impact on consumer purchase intentions [PDF]

Zaneta Simanaviciene, Virgilijus Dirma, Arturas Simanavicius, Psychological factors influencing energy efficiency in households [PDF]

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