2018 9 2

Karolina Lewandowska-Gwarda, Female unemployment and its determinants in Poland in 2016 from the spatial perspective [PDF]

Kristina Kocisova, Beata Gavurova, Marcel Behun, The evaluation of stability of Czech and Slovak banks [PDF]

Tomasz L. Nawrocki, Opportunities and threats associated with an investment in shares of innovative companies – evidence from Polish capital market [PDF]

Alicja Fraś, The relation between management fees and the mutual funds` performance in Poland in 2015 [PDF]

Vladislav Spitsin, Alexander Mikhalchuk, Irina Pavlova, Lubov Spitsina, Labor indicators and manufacturing companies ownership patterns in Russia and its regions: results of quantitative analysis [PDF]

Iwona Szczepaniak, Comparative advantages in Polish export to the European Union – food products vs selected groups of non-food products [PDF]

Enikő Korcsmáros, Monika Šimova, Factors affecting the business environment of SMEs in Nitra Region in Slovakia [PDF]

Anna Lewandowska, Mateusz Stopa, SMEs Innovativeness and Institutional Support System: The Local Experiences in Qualitative Perspective. Polish case study [PDF]

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