2018 9 3

Anna Tatarczak, Oleksandra Boichuk,The multivariate techniques in evaluation of unemployment analysis of Polish regions [PDF]

Paulina Nowak, Regional variety in quality of life in Poland [PDF]

Sergei Kalchenko, Natalia Trusova, Diana Hrybova, Biliaiev Serhii, The small and large business interaction within national economy’s gross added value reproduction in Ukraine [PDF]

Darko B. Vukovic, Victor Prosin, The prospective low risk hedge fund capital allocation line model: evidence from the debt market [PDF]

Eva Tomášková, Lucie Kaňovská, Josef Bednář, Synergy of interfunctional coorgination and services in companies producing electrical equipment and electronic components in the Czech Republic: pilot study [PDF]

Wojciech Idzikowski, Igor Perechuda, Agile approach in a transforming organization, a descriptive study of chosen Polish companies with rapid revenue growth [PDF]

Emilia Krajnakova, Valentinas Navickas, Rima Kontautiene, Effect of macroeconomic business environment on the development of corporate social responsibility in Baltic Countries and Slovakia [PDF]

Danuta Szwajca, Relationship between corporate image and corporate reputation in Polish banking sector [PDF]

Magdalena Kot-Radojewska, Iryna V. Timenko, Employee loyalty to the organization in the context of the form of employment [PDF]

Jana Marie Šafránková, Martin Šikýř, Responsibilities and competencies in personnel management at Czech schools [PDF]

Jolita Vveinhardt, Evelina Gulbovaite, Reliability of methodological and psychometric characteristics of the questionnaire of congruence of personal and organizational values [PDF]


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