2019 10 1

Marinko Skare, Małgorzata Porada-Rachoń, Financial and economic development link in transitional economies: a spectral Granger causality analysis 1991-2017 [PDF]

Renata Legenzova, Asta Gaigalienė, Otilija Jurakovaitė, Evaluation of the post-crisis EU banking network connectedness in the global context [PDF]

Iwona Markowicz, Paweł Baran, ICA and ICS-based rankings of EU countries according to quality of mirror data on intra-Community trade in goods in the years 2014-2017 [PDF]

Marina Malkina, Spatial wage inequality and its sectoral determinants: the case of modern Russia [PDF]

Maria Markhaichuk, Irina Zhuckovskaya, The spread of the regional intellectual capital: the case of the Russian Federation [PDF]

Beata Bieszk-Stolorz, Krzysztof Dmytrów, Spatial diversity of effectiveness of forms of professional activisation in Poland in years 2008-2014 by poviats [PDF]

Sebastian Gnat, Spatial weight matrix impact on real estate hierarchical clustering in the process of mass valuation [PDF]

Olena Kotykova, Mykola Babych, Limitations in availability of food in Ukraine as a result of loss and waste [PDF]

Ján Dvorský, Zora Petráková, Eliška Zapletalíková, Zoltan Rozsa, Entrepreneurial propensity index of university students. The case study from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland [PDF]

Marie Paseková. Eva Kramná, Bohumila Svitáková, Miroslava Dolejšová, Relationship between legislation and accounting errors from the point of view of business representatives in the Czech Republic [PDF]


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