2019 10 4

Sławomir Czech, Monika Krakowiak-Drzewiecka, The rationale of Brexit and the theories of European integration [PDF]

Yuriy Bilan, Bruno S. Sergi, Mihaela Simionescu, Migration expectations and geography of post-Soviet Ukraine [PDF]

Izabela Jonek-Kowalska, Transformation of energy balances with dominant coal consumption in European economies and Turkey in the years 1990-2017 [PDF]

Iwona Foryś, Michał Głuszak, Jan Konowalczuk, Compensation for land use restrictions: the case of limited land use areas around airports in Poland [PDF]

Abdul Bashiru Jibril, Michael Adu Kwarteng, Christina Appiah-Nimo, Michal Pilik, Association rule mining approach: evaluating pre-purchase risk intentions in the online second-hand goods market [PDF]

Aleksander Jakimowicz, Daniel Rzeczkowski, Firm ownership and size versus innovation activities over the business cycle: near-zero inertia as a sign of the transition from the fifth to the sixth Kondratieff wave [PDF]

Maria Kovacova, Tomas Kliestik, Katarina Valaskova, Pavol Durana, Zuzana Juhaszova, Systematic review of variables applied in bankruptcy prediction models of Visegrad group countries [PDF]

Aleksandr Ključnikov, Mehmet Civelek, Petr Čech, Jitka Kloudová, Entrepreneurial orientation of SMEs’ executives in comparative perspective for Czechia and Turkey [PDF]

Pavol Kral, Viera Valjaskova, Katarina Janoskova, Quantitative approach to project portfolio management: proposal for Slovak companies [PDF]

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