2020 11 3

Marta Kuc-Czarnecka, COVID-19 and digital deprivation in Poland [PDF]

Aleksandr Ključnikov, Mehmet Civelek, Jiří Polách, Zdeněk Mikoláš, Michal Banot, How do security and benefits instill trustworthiness of a digital local currency? [PDF]

Aleksandra Pieloch-Babiarz, Managerial ownership and catering to investor sentiment for dividends: evidence from the electromechanical industry sector on the Warsaw Stock Exchange [PDF]

Lucia Svabova, Katarina Kramarova, Jan Chutka, Lenka Strakova, Detecting earnings manipulation and fraudulent financial reporting in Slovakia [PDF]

Zuzana Virglerova, Jan Dvorsky, Ludmila Kozubikova, Martin Cepel, Perception of non-financial risk determinants in SMEs in Visegrad Countries [PDF]

Anna Zadykowicz, Krzysztof J. Chmielewski, Dariusz Siemieniako, Proactive customer orientation and joint learning capabilities in collaborative machine to machine innovation technology development: the case study of automotive equipment manufacturer [PDF]

Jintao Lu, Licheng Ren, Chong Zhang, Chunyan Wang, Nijole Petkeviciute, Justas Streimikis, Gender difference in corporate social responsibility implementation in Lithuanian SMEs [PDF]

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