2021 12 2

Nana Liu, Zeshui Xu, Marinko Skare, The research on COVID-19 and economy from 2019 to 2020: analysis from the perspective of bibliometrics [PDF]

Loredana Mihalca, Lucia Rațiu, Gabriela Brendea, Daniel Metz, Mihaela Dragan, Florin Dobre, Exhaustion while teleworking during COVID-19: a moderated-mediation model of role clarity, self-efficacy, and task interdependence [PDF]

Bao-Guang Chang, Kun-Shan Wu, The nonlinear relationship between financial flexibility and enterprise risk-taking during the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry [PDF]

Michał Bernardelli, Zbigniew Korzeb, Paweł Niedziółka, The banking sector as the absorber of the COVID-19 crisis’ economic consequences: perception of WSE investors [PDF]

Hussam Musa, Zdenka Musova, Viacheslav Natorin, George Lazaroiu, Martin Boďa, Comparison of factors influencing liquidity of European Islamic and conventional banks [PDF]

Krzysztof Wach, Agnieszka Głodowska, How do demographics and basic traits of an entrepreneur impact the internationalization of firms? [PDF]

Pavol Durana, Lucia Michalkova, Andrej Privara, Josef Marousek, Milos Tumpach, Does the life cycle affect earnings management and bankruptcy? [PDF]

Jarosław Kaczmarek, Sergio Luis Náñez Alonso, Andrzej Sokołowski, Kamil Fijorek, Sabina Denkowska, Financial threat profiles of industrial enterprises in Poland [PDF]

Anna Górska, Grzegorz Mazurek, The effect of the CEO media coverage on corporate brand equity: evidence from Poland [PDF]

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